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Eugene Shatsman

Training Topics:

Attracting New Patients

Strategic Partnerships for Patient Flow

Maximizing Your Digital Assets

Boosting Your Average Transaction Size

Innovation as Opportunity

Maximizing Profitability in Your Optical

Mastering Patient Reactivation

Eyecare Referral Master

Creating a Patient Satisfaction Goldmine

Opportunity Mining 101

Driving Phone Success

Stack Your Success

Exclusive Training for Perc Members: Eyecare Practice Accelerator System

Eugene Shatsman

Eugene Shatsman is the Managing Partner of National Strategic Group. As a sought-after keynote for several industry-leading forums, he is well known for using cutting-edge strategies and research to drive meaningful results. Eugene leverages the collective intelligence of over 150+ subject matter experts who comprise National Strategic’s business strategy and marketing powerhouse. National Strategic teams have the latest research and best practices in Consumer Behavior, Market Demand, Search Engine Optimization, Website, Social Media, Email Marketing, Patient Reactivation, Reputation Management, Market Testing and general Business Growth Strategy.

Speaking Engagements Include: